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More than 23,000 churches are in imminent danger of closing in the United Methodist denomination alone. Nearly every District in America today has several "at risk" congregations that have consistently experienced such decline that they are in danger of closing as an active place of worship and ministry. In some Districts, 60 to 80% of their congregations may either be in this group or fast approaching it.  

A District can covenant directly with Proactive Ministries to build a group of these "at risk" churches, who will covenant to work together over a two year period to bring new hope and church revitalization to their congregations.  Some of these churches typically have an average worship attendance of from 10 to 50. The Pastors serving these churches vary greatly across different Conferences - there are Lay Servants, Lay Pastors, Local Pastors, Student Pastors, Retired Pastors, and appointed Elders.  They have often settled for "trying to keep the doors open" rather than having real hope for a serious turnaround in reaching others for Christ and growing their congregations. 

This kind of group normally requires a four month "ramp-up" time, in which each of these churches is given a clear series of opportunities in which they participate to demonstrate their seriousness and commitment to become a revitalized church going forward.  After they have participated and decided to be in the group, the two year Training begins.  

Because most "at risk" congregations have very limited people and financial resources, the District can receive a Grant to cover the costs of this Covenant with Proactive and the churches.  Most Conference Revitalization Committees will consider and award Grants of this kind for twelve months at a time.  However, after the tenth month of engagement between the District and Proactive, the District OR the churches involved can submit a second Grant Proposal for the second year of Training & Revitalization work from the Committee.  They will be able at that point to share with the Conference Committee some of the real results of their being in this relationship.  

Each "at risk" church is typically required, as part of their commitment to fully participate, to contribute a predetermined financial amount each month to the District toward the overall cost of the project.  

District Superintendents often live with high stress over how to bring hope, help and excellent training to their "at risk" congregations. They often have no real options and many of these are closed.  If the at-risk churches in a District are afforded an effective, practical  and proven path for turning their churches around and decide not to enter into the work, then the Bishop, and District Superintendents' decision to close them will come out of the churches' unwillingness to seek serious revitalization that is graciously offered to them.  

These churches in many cases can find new life, increased hope and ministry vitality through being in a Covenant Group where Proactive is working closely and consistently with them over a period of two years.  It can be one of the greatest celebrations of any churches in the Conference to see these churches experience transformation and a new future.   


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