Proactive Ministries

Exponentially increase your effectiveness to reach others for Christ

A group of churches covenant together to experience a powerful journey of ministry development and spiritual formation across a two year period.  Proactive is the ministry training, coaching and modeling resource team for the entire group.  

A Barnabas Ministry Group is composed of from three to eight churches who come together with Proactive for the purpose of receiving practical and effective ministry revitalization guidance.  These groups can be of various sizes and settings but will need to be located within less than an hour's drive of each other.  All the Training Units (typically a Friday through a Sunday) will be together in a shared setting.  On the Sundays of these weekends the Proactive Staff members will seek to be in as many individual congregations as possible to preach and teach.

In a Barnabas Ministry Group there are five Major Ministry Areas that are covered extensively in the Training Unit experiences and consistently followed up with in each congregation through Conference calls and Go To Meeting sessions after the training:

  1. Comprehensive Prayer Ministry (spanning the entire congregation and community)
  2. Connect Group Ministry (Laity facilitated, relationship building small groups)
  3. LRE (Loving, Relating & Encouraging) Outreach Ministry with: Worship Guests, Community persons & families, Inactive members & families, Restaurants & Businesses, Those facing illness, surgery, long term recovery, nursing homes & shut-ins, & other special needs, and Ministry Related families (in Scouts, Sports, Pre-school, Daycare, etc...).  
  4. Worship Hospitality Ministry (Practical and effective training for Greeters, Ushers and other laity who are often present)
  5. Spiritual Leadership Development (Works extensively to transform the ministry of the Nominations & Leadership Development Committee of each church over the entire length of the Covenant and builds a Connections Team who works very closely with the Pastor.)

* ALL five of these areas are directly related to Bishop Schnaze's "Five Fruitful Practices" and they extensively cover all five areas in his book and teachings. Click here to see the Chart.  

The Proactive Staff also has monthly training and coaching GoToMeeting calls with the Pastors of each of the churches in the group. They build a very close relationship with each Pastor across the two years.  

The Proactive Staff is available to each Pastor and the Laity leadership in the churches seven days a week during the entire twenty four month period. (By cell phone, email, conference calls or video calls, and instant messaging)  

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