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We work with businesses to build High Performance Leadership Teams and maximize their potential in providing excellent service for clients, as well as guidance and support for personnel selection and retention. At the heart of our mission is the recognition that in order to impact organizations - whether ministries, businesses, or other groups - is the need to develop the leadership capabilities of individuals and teams as leaders, equipping them to best carry out their respective purposes.

Along our journey, we have come to see the need to provide opportunities for Leadership Development and Team Building. So, in association with Target Training International (TTI), TTILogoProactive provides practical and effective tools to motivate your people and strengthen your organization.

Among the tools we offer are:

DISC – Behaviors:   An assessment of one’s unique behavioral style, with practical instruction on leveraging your style to ensure success in the workplace. We have found individual and group debriefs to be the most impactful components of our work with DISC.

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Workplace Motivators – Values:   A survey of personal values, which motivate or drive our actions.  Values help us understand why we do what we do. Once we understand our own values and those of others on our team, we become more successful at working together to clarify and carry out our mission.

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Job Benchmarking – Let the Job Speak:   The benchmarking process is unique and effective because it benchmarks a specific job, not individuals in the job.  When the job is given a voice, it speaks to precisely what is necessary for superior performance.  This process goes far beyond the development of a simple job description, and creates a framework for the most effective job matching.

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Team Building – Overcoming OUR Obstacles:   Building an effective, cohesive team is hard work, but it’s not complicated.  The key is overcoming the behaviors that sabotage relationships and prohibit the team from achieving its goals.  Drawing from the most current work of authors such as Lencioni, Maxwell, Chapman and Bonnstetter, Proactive staff works with your organization to develop training and coaching opportunities to enhance performance.

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