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Most church's today are concerned about bringing young families into their Congregation. They also want to keep the families that they do reach active in the church. The reality for young families is that they want their children happy and growing in the Children's Ministry of their church. In order to meet this need, the church must be willing to invest in a quality Children's Ministry. Proactive has access to several excellent Children's Ministry experts, who can work with the church's current Children's Ministry Leadership Team to assess the current reality; build, inspire and instruct the team; and offer vision and direction for the future. This instruction occurs in the context of a weekend training, but also involves thorough pre-event assessment and analysis, and consistent follow-up after the weekend training event.   

What: Give the Staff and Leadership Team specific training in effectively recruiting new involved participants. Work through utilization of space, time, and resources in ways that grow children’s ministries as a high priority. Expand plans for building a dynamic, progressive Children’s Ministry. Receive training from an excellent and experienced Children’s Ministry Resource Team.

How it will help the church to grow: A strong and active Children’s ministry not only effectively ministers to children, but provides an atmosphere that attracts and keeps new young families.

Who?  Our Children's Ministry resource leaders include DeDe Reilly, whom you may learn more about her through her musings on life and Christian service, accessed through DeDe's Blog.

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