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Prayer is a central and foundational spiritual discipline in the life of a Christ follower. It is prayer which provides communion and communication with our Heavenly Father. It is critically important in the life of the Church as well. Many churches report that their Prayer Ministry is weak and anemic. A few faithful intercessors carry the ministry. Most in the congregation have some sort of personal prayer life, but do not participate in any meaningful way in the overall prayer ministry of the church. 

What is included in this training: Building a Comprehensive Prayer Ministry that will touch the lives of those in and beyond the congregation. This ministry will employ several creative and effective ministry strategies which will touch lives across the church and across the larger community. The Prayer Team of the church will either be strengthened or created (if none is presently formed). The entire church family will be encouraged to be involved in some aspect of the Prayer Ministry which fits their gifts and calling from God.

We also draw a direct linkage between the Prayer Ministry of the church and the Lay Leadership Team of the church.  Those who are responsible to nominate new leaders for the congregation are directly linked with prayer support and additional discernment from the Prayer Ministry Team.  We also provide training that encourages the Prayer Ministry Team to be involved with supporting, affirming and encouraging the leadership of the church. 

How this training will help the church to grow: It will transform lives spiritually throughout the church. It will become an effective outreach tool for families in the community, many of whom are not active in any local church. Prayer will become a greater foundation for all ministries in the church. This Prayer Ministry Team approach is not “the typical prayer ministry approach” - it is creative, engaging and works consistently to help laity initiate and pursue new and deeper friendships with those across the church and the community.

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