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Unhealthy conflict quickly and severely wounds the quality of community in congregations and immensely harms the overall witness of the congregation.  Members of the church as well as those in the community often learn of conflict at rapid speed through sending of emails, posts on Facebook, or through posts on other social media tools.  

As conflict accelerates, it can become the "900 pound gorilla" in meetings, conversations and other gatherings across the congregation. Many know it's there, but will often avoid naming it in a constructive setting.  Divisions between persons and groups can grow and progress into hurtful comments being made on or off the campus of the church and more destructive emails being sprayed. In a short time, persons and families can begin leaving the church or avoiding coming to any meetings other than worship where there is a high probability of harmful and negative discussions occuring.  

Most people are passionately conflict avoidant.  Though they know the pain a person or people are causing and perpetuating, they will not confront those doing so. When conflict reaches this level in a church -  professional, experienced intervention and mediation is most helpful.

Our ministry staff is experienced in working in churches to resolve conflict and bring healing to the church.  If you would like to discuss your concerns over conflict in your congregation and become aware of how to proceed in helping resolution become a reality, please contact Rev. Jim Hollis today at: (770) 402-6074 or email him: .   



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Unhealthy conflict quickly and severely wounds the quality of community in congregations and...
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