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Discovery & Reflection:

Too many congregations feel pressured to try to be “all things to all people” when in actuality, this is utterly impossible for any church. Churches often have wonderful ideas for ministry. But how are those ideas related to the church’s spiritual priorities and ministry goals for the next year? The next two or three years? The next five years?

The input to make these decisions must come from a combination of the grass roots membership & the leadership of the church. The Church must decide TOGETHER the future priorities and ministry directions of the congregation.

The leadership of the church then decides on a definite course of action in ministry and spiritual development for the church. Each of the major areas that have been identified as a priority can then be fully developed in this plan. This becomes a very powerful Strategic Ministry Plan that will move the church forward in ministry excellence.

Proactive listens to the Staff, each leadership committee of the congregation, and ALL who wish to share their thoughts on the identity of the church.  Then the collected information is integrated into a comprehensive report, that is shared with the entire congregation during a Town Hall meeting.

The end result of this process: The church’s strengths, struggles, dreams, hopes and visions for future ministry growth will be revealed. A workable strategic ministry plan based upon the input will be formulated and presented to the congregation. 

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