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Small Group Ministry

Many churches accross America have an environment in which people learn a lot about each other, but do not truly get to know each other. This does not create the kind of community that the Bible describes when it calls the church "the body of Christ." Connect Groups are a relationship focused ministry that provides an intentional opportunity for people to learn each others story and spiritual journey. 

What is included in the training: This is a carefully designed small group ministry model which has worked effectively in a diversity of congregations. The two major purposes of Connect Groups are to connect us more closely to God and ongoing friendships with each other. Step by step training is provided on the basic elements of a Connect Group meeting, how to facilitate a meeting, how to recruit people to be in groups, and the important and necessary details that will make a group successful. All who attend the training will experience an actual life-transfoming Connect Group as a part of the training.

How the training will help the church to grow: It will provide persons with a consistent experience of Christian community and caring. It will reach out to persons who are new to the congregation and quickly give them a sense of belonging.  Everyone related to the congregation can become part of a Connect Group.  Connect Groups will become the central “connecting ministry place” for as many in a congregation as possible. 

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