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What is the FIRST STEP in having your ministry work with our church?

We begin a new relationship in most congregations with what we call "A Time of Envisioning".  This meeting is with your Staff and leaders present.  Our preference is to hold the Envisioning experience via a "GoToMeeting" video conference call. It can also be done on site, at your church. There is a small fee for leading your church in a time of Envisioning. If we do the Envisioning on-site, we ask the church to cover our travel costs from Smyrna, GA. We also ask the church to provide a host home for each of the Proactive Staff who conduct the Envisioning, if your church is far enough from Smyrna, GA to require an over-night stay.

What takes place during A Time of Envisioning with our church?

Our Staff first meets with the Pastor of the church. We want to learn the pastors calling, vision, and passion for ministry. Next we meet with the staff and the leadership of the church. During that time we present a brief devotional and then enter a time of listening to everyone share the church's greatest strengths and areas they would like to see be improved, strengthened or created in ministry. We are primarily in the “listening and understanding mode” during this part of the meeting. Based on that input, we then discuss possible “next steps” for the ministry areas you wish to develop.

Provided that we have a good Envisioning with Proactive and decide to take a “next step” – what would that most likely look like?

That is totally dependent upon what is learned during the listening phase of the Envisioning. If the Staff of Proactive believes that we can help the church to achieve its goals, hopes and dreams, we will make a proposal to the church. This proposal will be thoroughly discussed with the Church Leadership. This proposed plan may be to conduct a single Training Event with the church,or it may be to have a longer term relationship, which would include several training events. 

How does the church decide whether to accept or reject the Proactive proposal? 

We ask the church's Leadership Group (i.e. the Administrative Council, etc.) to decide within thirty days whether or not to accept the Proactive proposal. The proposal will be accompanied by a Covenant agreement between the church and Proactive to enter into Ministry together. The church will sign the Covenant and return it to Proactive Ministries. Dates for the training(s) will then be confirmed.


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