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Exponentially increase your effectiveness to reach others for Christ

In over twenty years of working with churches of various sizes and locations, Proactive has determined that there are five ministries which are crucial to the development of healthy, growing churches. Proactive personalizes the teaching of these five ministry areas for each each individual congregation. The teaching and coaching shows how to implement or strengthen these ministries in very clear, practical and doable ways. Proactive provides the plans and practical strategies which when followed will work, The Five Foundational Ministry areas are: 

Comprehensive Prayer Ministry - Our approach to Prayer Ministry provides far more spiritual and relational impact than ninety-nine percent of other prayer approaches...(read more)

Connect Group Ministry - Our precision focused Connect Group model effectively addresses two primary ministry goals...(read more) 

Spiritual Leadership Development - The Nominations Committe (known as the Laity Leadership Development Committee in some churches) can be one of the most transformational ministry leadership groups in a church. However, it is typically one of the weakest ...(read more) 

Relational Outreach Ministry – Loving, Relating and Encouraging - The days of providing programs and attractive activities which will cause large numbers of community persons to walk into our churches ended decades ago. Building authentic, caring friendships with others beyond the walls of our buildings is what LRE Outreach provides...(read more)              

Worship Hospitality Ministry - When we have persons or families visit our congregations, are we truly connecting with them relationally? Most churches are not. Our practical and proven strategies create a systematic, compassionate Ministry Team approach with Greeters, Ushers, and consistent Worship participants working together to... (read more)  Ministry 

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Conflict Resolution Ministry

Unhealthy conflict quickly and severely wounds the quality of community in congregations and...
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