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Exponentially increase your effectiveness to reach others for Christ

Sharing in Webinars enables your church to build and strengthen ministry through excellent training. The webinars provide the opportunity to learn in your local church with a group, on your own computer or tablet, or in a variety of other settings where you have a solid internet connection.  While all of us on Staff at Proactive love to do our work with churches in person, providing Webinars allows participants to learn at their own pace.  

  • We offer online training and encouragement Webinars for our Covenant Churches, Barnabas Ministry Groups, and District Training participating congregations.  They are in categories as follows:

For Single Churches in Covenant and Barnabas Ministry Group Churches that have completed a Training Weekend with Proactive Staff: 

  • Follow up Prayer Ministry Webinar
  • Follow up Connect Group Webinar
  • Follow up LRE Ministry Webinar

For participating Churches who have completed a District Training Weekend in LRE (Loving, Relating, & Encouraging) Ministry:

  • LRE Follow Up Webinar #1 - Launching Your Church's LRE Ministry
  • LRE Follow Up Webinar #2 - Administration and Follow Up Calls - Going Deeper
  • LRE Follow Up Webinar #3 - Spiritual Recruiting and Church Family Visits monthly  












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Sharing in Webinars enable your church to build and strengthen ministry through excellent training and... Learn more

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