Proactive Ministries

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Summary of Our Christian Beliefs

  • We believe that all persons are called by God into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior, to put their whole trust in his grace, to serve him as Lord of their lives, in union with the church which Christ has opened to people of all ages, nations and races.
  • We believe that the Bible is God’s divinely inspired Word to the world and contains all things necessary for salvation. We advocate the encouragement and engagement of all persons consistently reading and understanding the Bible, affirming that God uses it to transform lives. Actualizing what we learn in everyday life is a key priority outcome of Bible study.
  • We summarize the basics of our Christian beliefs and theology in the expression of The Apostle’s Creed.
  • We believe that the ever-present power of the Holy Spirit is infinitely greater than all the spiritual forces of wickedness, and we actively reject all the evil powers of this world, passionately opposing evil, confident that strongholds of darkness can be destroyed through Christ. WE are strong advocates of social justice.
  • We believe that prayer is the core foundation of all Christian life and ministry, provides us with the most consistent way of communicating with God, and has the absolute power to change physical, emotional and spiritual realities.
  • We believe that all Christian churches comprise the Christian Community of Faith in the world and represent God’s primary community for sinners, like us all, to experience the grace, love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. All churches experience struggles due to sin, but are called by God to administer the Word & Sacraments, to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to send disciples forth in effective ministries to the world.
  • We believe that all Christian Leaders (both clergy and laity) are in covenant with God and one another, and are called to hold one another accountable in the spirit of divine love and forgiveness.
  • We believe there exists in many churches today an enormous need for excellent and effective ministry training and modeling. We are committed to provide churches with comprehensive ministry training, development and modeling of effective ministry strategies.

Our Ministry Principles and Practices

  • We define the ministry of evangelism as loving others, consistently and unconditionally, with the love of Jesus Christ, expecting nothing in return.
  • We believe that the initiation and pursuit of quality, caring, lasting relationships grounded in the divine love of Jesus Christ, is foundational to all effective, Christian ministry.
  • We believe that all Christians are to grow spiritually in Christ that they may be guided to profess their faith openly and become engaged in life transforming ministry with others.
  • We believe that clergy and laity leaders are to consistently and passionately pursue spiritual maturity and effectiveness in ministry.
  • We believe that God intends for every Christian to discern and discover their spiritual gifts and unique calling from God. They are to strive to live as faithful disciples in harmony with their spiritual gifts and calling from God in the context of Christian Community.
  • We believe that God desires for all persons to discover the joy of Christian Community, and we train churches to provide consistent opportunities for Christian Fellowship as a primary ministry priority.
  • We consistently strive to enable ALL Christians to overcome fear, which paralyzes and prevents sharing in life-transforming ministries. We teach this victory through scripture, coupled with modeling of ministry in real life settings and circumstances.
  • We are committed to train Christians in the ministries of healing and reconciliation, by scriptural teaching and ministry experience.
  • We bring waves of creativity and possibility in ministry to local churches as we work with them in long term, ministry covenants.
  • We spiritually motivate, enable, equip and empower both clergy and laity to increase risking themselves in ministry beyond their present limitations.
  • We consistently, prayerfully and spiritually recruit Christians from various congregations to become part of our ministry family and serve others with us through our Spiritual Transformation ministry model for churches.

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