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Some churches cherish the memories of powerful revivals and still maintain a long-standing tradition of hosting a revival as part of their ministry calendar.  Other congregations in various parts of America may have never experienced a traditional revival, based historically on the Camp Meeting model of ministry.


Either way, there are numerous strategies possible for churches today to be intentional and relevant in designing a revival.  We've had considerable experience in helping churches maximize the effectiveness of their more traditional Revivals as well as helped other churches design new forms of ministry which will bring a spirit of revival and renewal in their congregation.


For us the “real measure” of the effectiveness of a Revival is what it births or leads to that is still going on effectively six months following the Event.  If all we have a few months after the event is some great memories of what a good time we had and memories of good sermons, it may well be we had a good “spiritual high” rather than leading toward the launching or strengthening of new and existing ministries in the local church and beyond.


Would you like to see different results spiritually in your church from your times of Revival?  We provide new insights and ideas. This option can allow your church to still have a wonderful Revival with much more powerful, lasting outcomes.  

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