Proactive Ministries

Exponentially increase your effectiveness to reach others for Christ

Single churches receive spiritual motivation, strong equipping and ministry modeling, producing excellent & effective Leaders as well as ongoing, life transforming ministries.  Is your church serious about wanting to move it's ministries to a whole new level that truly impacts lives, relationships, individuals and families?  Explore having Proactive work with your church to build new and proven ministries.  

What is your church's mission and vision?  What is the culture of your congregation?  How is the spiritual climate among your people and families?  If your church could move forward in ministry effectively, what would that look like?  What are your greatest hopes and major obstacles standing in your way?  

The above questions are some that your Pastor and a few key Leaders could converse with Proactive Staff about on a video phone call together.  From Proactive carefully listening and understanding your church's individual "ministry fingerprints" a conversation can emerge about relevant ministry possibilities with Proactive.  

There are five major areas of Core Ministry Competency which Proactive sees as critical in a church moving forward in growth and ministry development:  

   1) Effective and comprehensive Prayer Ministry (with a central DNA of evangelism)

   2) Connect Groups (The major purpose is to build quality, caring, and lasting relationships through connecting) 

   3) Loving, Relating and Encouraging (LRE) outreach ministry 

   4) Worship Hospitality Excellence  (Maximizing our effectiveness in connecting with our worship guests) 

   5) Spiritual Leadership Development (Working extensively with Nominations & Leadership Development ministry) 

Other training and coaching areas of ministry offered by Proactive Ministries are: 

   6) Children's Ministry Development

   7) Church Staff Training and Retreats for Team Building

   8) Conflict Resolution Ministry & Reconciliation (Often done first, if the church is in significant conflict) 

   9) Financial Coaching & Major Donor Development (Includes full Stewardship Campaigns) 

 10) Pastoral Coaching & Encouragement 

 11) Certification of Lay Evangelist Training course (30 weeks via Webinar) 

 12) Spiritual Renewal Experiences (Spiritual Transformation Weekends, Creative Revivals, Spiritual Life Retreats, Sunday School Class Retreats, Leadership Retreats, or Long Range Planning group Retreats) 

 13) Sunday School Revitalization

 14) Worship Ministry Assessment & Development (Objectively gathering congregational input) 

 15) Youth Ministry Development (Including churches that have no present Youth Ministry) 

Because Proactive Ministries has had the privilege of working with hundreds of diverse churches across 40 states in America over the past 21 years, they can assist you in custom designing a ministry development plan working with the Pastor, Staff and Key Leaders in the congregation.  

What are the financial costs for having Proactive Ministries work with our church as a Single Church? 

In working with a Single Church relationship the financial considerations are all on a "sliding scale fee" basis.  There are a number of factors in arriving at the exact cost:

  • After meeting with Proactive Staff and allowing them to gain a basic perspective and picture of your church's strengths, challenges, obstacles and opportunities - what and how much Training is required to accomplish your objectives and goals? 
  • What is your current year ministry budget? What was your past year's ministry budget and what percentage of it did you receive at the close of last year?  How does this compare to this year?  
  • What is your Average Worship Attendance for the past three years?  Are there significant changes in this?  Why? 
  • How does the Pastor and some of the Key Leaders define the "current reality" of the congregation?  



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