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Exponentially increase your effectiveness to reach others for Christ

A large percentage of American churches are experiencing a great struggle in helping their Sunday School classes function as vital ministry and relational groups.  Some churches are seeing their Sunday School attendance decline for undiscussed reasons.  Others are seeing classes hang on, tenaciously, and be minimally effective at maintaining the status quo, keeping in tact traditions that are simply not leading to outreach and growth.

We truly believe and have experiential evidence that many Sunday School classes can have substantial growth, both numerically and spiritually.  Each class can refocus on its calling, mission, spiritual priorities, purposes and effectiveness in making a difference in the lives of its own members and others who have never visited that class.  Effective outreach can become a tangible, consistent reality which can bring spiritual transformation to the classes engaging in the growth stategies provided.

We love to help congregations grow and revitalize their Sunday School ministries.  This can be done in a large number of effective ways in almost any church in America today.  While some churches are being advised to abandon the traditional Sunday School model, we feel it can productively work in tandem with other models of ministry, such as Small Groups, with neither model being mutually exclusive.

Another area of evangelism effectiveness, related to the Sunday School ministry is in knowing how to start new classes.  Many churches that are relatively static in growth could significantly increase their overall worship attendance by launching one to three new Sunday School classes each year.  We can provide churches with excellent strategies for this. 

What is included in this training: Individual, extensive training with each existing Sunday School class in the church. Practical strategies for moving forward in spiritual and numerical growth will be provided.  Exploration of expanding the Sunday School ministry of the church through establishment of new classes. Examine possible new “learning experiences”

How this training will help the church to grow: the growth of a strong Sunday School will facilitate relationship development, spiritual growth through a greater understanding of the Bible, fellowship opportunities, and relational care.


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