Proactive Ministries

Exponentially increase your effectiveness to reach others for Christ

  • A teaching, discipleship training and modeling ministry
  • Christian and non-denominational
  • 501.c.3-not-for-profit
  • Working with Individual Christ-followers, Local Churches, Districts, Pastors, Pastors’ Groups, Denominational Leaders, Bishops, Non-profits, and a diversity of Businesses
  • Providing Leadership Development with Owners, Managers, and Emplyees of Businesses
  • Has delivered Ministry Training across 40 states with over 900 churches since 1993

What We Do:

  • Work with Single Churches, Groups of Churches, Districts, Conferences and Businesses
  • Provide extensive, practical training, easily applied teaching and ministry modeling
  • Developing life-transforming ministries - all with relationship building DNA
  • Design unique strategic plans for churches or businesses to effectively move to new levels
  • Shape strategic plans for churches based on the church’s mission, purpose, and calling from God
  • Enable churches to reach greater ministry potential rather than satisfaction

How We Do It:

  • By working in longer term Covenants with single Churches, Groups of Churches, District Superintendents, Conferences and Businesses
  • Many Covenants are in depth and for as long as 24 to 36 months
  • We begin a new relationship with a church or business through an “Envisioning Experience”
  • We listen to the hopes and dreams of Pastors, Leaders and Members of Churches
  • We work closely with Business Owners, Managers, and Employees in building High Performance Leadership Teams and Strategic Development Plans
  • We are available and consistently stay in touch with the Leaders we serve
  • We establish caring relationships over time, building trust and quality, lasting friendships
  • We request to stay in host homes when we are teaching and training in churches
  • We model the teaching and training we provide
  • We provide personal and professional coaching for Pastors, CEO's and Business Leaders

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are a ministry and we are non-profit
  • Our teachings are completely and thoroughly based on Biblical principles
  • We empower and equip local churches to fulfill their unique ministry identity
  • We work primarily on-site, within the context and culture of churches and businesses
  • While we do one-time events, we always provide opportunities for long term, comprehensive follow-up training that brings continual solutions to those we serve
  • We are readily available to all clients by phone, email, conference calls & GoToMeeting
  • We model the teachings we offer; we walk through the training with participants
  • We create a continuing process of Leadership Development with tangible accountability
  • We feel passionately called by God to do what we do
  • One of our highest priorities is developing trusted, long-term relationships
  • We are financially affordable even for smaller churches, and at-risk churches in a District setting
  • We often work with combinations of larger and smaller churches
  • We have Donors and Family Foundations who help underwrite our ministry annually, enabling us to keep the cost of providing excellent ministry affordable

What We are Not:

  • One size fits all
  • Out-of-a-box, kit or a package
  • A “quick fix” solution which fails to work through multiple and complex needs over time
  • Expensive
  • Anti-structure or anti-denominational (93% of our work is in United Methodist Churches)
  • Indifferent about churches paying their apportionments in Denominational Churches
  • Enamored with the “popular” or the latest fads
  • “Event-only” trainers and consultants who provide minimal follow-up
  • Inexperienced in a diversity of Congregations & varied theological perspectives (40 states)





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